Pucara Bulls – Protection, Happiness and Fertility

Pucara bulls are a tradition of Andean families to bring happiness, protection and prosperity to homes, is an ancient art transmitted from generation to generation.

They represent the Andean duality, woman and man, male and female, father and mother; The couple that will live in that house will be prosperous, healthy and always protected.

That couple has to be like the two bulls, they have to have vitality and strength. The cross is placed on the spiritual side with a stairway that means that throughout their lives the couple has to climb one more step each day, in other words the progress that will strengthen the bond between them.

This is also the cock that tells us that we should wake up together every day and do everything in advance, but not everything will be effort and work, that is why the jug of chicha means the enjoyment of the couple because it represents the joys, the parties and the friendships that you will experience together.


RED: Protection and love in the home.

GREEN: Economic prosperity, fertility and good health.
BLUE: Confidence, fidelity and friendship.
BLACK: Protection against envy.
WHITE: Peace at home.
ORANGE: Joy and fun.
NATURAL: Protection for the family.
Tradition tells us that we must place 2 Pucara bulls and a cross in between on the roofs of the houses at the moment of finishing the construction, or at the moment of starting to live a couple’s life in a new home.

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  1. Chevy Chevalier says:

    Qe just fou d two cream flazed pucara at a Texas pulga/fleamarket. They are going on our roofline.

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